This Bruins vs Senators prediction delves into the key statistics and odds that will shape this intriguing matchup. The upcoming NHL clash between the Boston Bruins and the Ottawa Senators is poised to be a closely contested battle and it’s an interesting game for NHL bettors and their bets.

In the upcoming Bruins vs Senators NHL game, our prediction model indicates a very close matchup. The Boston Bruins have a slight edge with a 50.30% win probability, while the Ottawa Senators are close behind at 49.70%. The model’s projected odds are -101 for the Bruins and +101 for the Senators, with a projected total of 6.74 goals. This tight contest suggests a small value in betting on the Senators as underdogs.

An exciting NHL showdown is set to take place as the Boston Bruins face off against the Ottawa Senators. This eagerly anticipated matchup is scheduled for Thursday, January 25, 2024.

Game Details

Venue and Time

  • Date: Thursday, January 25, 2024
  • Location: Canadian Tire Centre, Ottawa
  • Game Time: 7:00 PM ET

Team Statistics and Standings

Boston Bruins

  • Record: 29-8-9 (67 points)
  • Position: 1st in Eastern, 1st in Atlantic
  • Goals Per Game: 3.48 (7th in NHL)
  • Goals Against Per Game: 2.61 (4th in NHL)
  • Power Play Percentage: 26.8% (4th in NHL)
  • Penalty Kill Percentage: 83.9% (4th in NHL)
  • Top Scorer: David Pastrnak (67 points)

Ottawa Senators

  • Record: 17-24-1 (35 points)
  • Position: 16th in Eastern, 8th in Atlantic
  • Goals Per Game: 3.38 (10th in NHL)
  • Goals Against Per Game: 3.67 (30th in NHL)
  • Power Play Percentage: 15.6% (24th in NHL)
  • Penalty Kill Percentage: 72.7% (31st in NHL)
  • Top Scorer: Tim Stutzle (44 points)

Betting Odds and Game Prediction


Sportsbooks Odds

  • Favorite: Boston Bruins (-142)
  • Underdog: Ottawa Senators (+120)
  • Total Over/Under: 6.5 Goals

Game Preview

The Boston Bruins enter this game as favorites, with odds set at -142 against the Ottawa Senators. The Senators, on the other hand, are positioned as underdogs with +120 odds. The total over/under for the game is pegged at 6.5 goals, suggesting an expectation of a moderately high-scoring affair.

Offensive and Defensive Matchups

Boston Bruins Offense vs Ottawa Senators Defense

  • Bruins Goals For per 60 mins (GF/60): 3.4
  • Senators Goals Against per 60 mins (GA/60): 3.58
  • Bruins Shots For per 60 mins (SF/60): 30.07
  • Senators Shots Against per 60 mins (SA/60): 30.59

Ottawa Senators Offense vs Boston Bruins Defense

  • Senators Goals For per 60 mins (GF/60): 3.38
  • Bruins Goals Against per 60 mins (GA/60): 2.58
  • Senators Shots For per 60 mins (SF/60): 32.55
  • Bruins Shots Against per 60 mins (SA/60): 30.87

Additional Team Statistics

  • Boston Bruins:
    • Corsi For Percentage (CF%): 48.43
    • Fenwick For Percentage (FF%): 48.57
    • Goal Differential: +0.82
    • Shots Differential: -0.8
  • Ottawa Senators:
    • Corsi For Percentage (CF%): 51.32
    • Fenwick For Percentage (FF%): 52.09
    • Goal Differential: -0.2
    • Shots Differential: +1.96

Goalie Matchup

  • Boston Bruins (Jeremy Swayman): 0.922 SV%, 2.44 Expected Goals Against
  • Ottawa Senators (Joonas Korpisalo): 0.904 SV%, 3.14 Expected Goals Against

NHL Betting Model Prediction

Bruins vs Senators Prediction
  • Win Probability:
    • Boston Bruins: 50.30%
    • Ottawa Senators: 49.70%
  • Projected Odds:
    • Boston Bruins: 1.99 (decimal), -101 (American)
    • Ottawa Senators: 2.01 (decimal), 101 (American)

Recommended NHL Pick

While our model does not qualify this as a high-value bet with a calculated value of 0.52, there is a small value in betting on the Ottawa Senators as an underdog in this matchup.

Best NHL Bet based on Bruins vs Senators Prediction

The most strategic bet would be to place a small wager on the Ottawa Senators, considering they are coming in as underdogs but show nearly equal potential for victory as per our model.

Betting Tips

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