The average number of yellow cards displayed in a professional soccer game is 4.1. If you want to bet on booking points, this is a handy number to know.

But what are booking points in sports betting? It is a point system associated with soccer. It allows you to bet on the yellow and red cards shown in the game.

This article will go into detail on what booking points are. You will learn what you need to know to place your bet and if booking points are worth betting on.

Whether you are a die-hard football fan or new to betting, booking points are worth looking into.

What are Booking Points in Football?

In sports betting, booking points are awarded to red or yellow cards in soccer matches. When a referee shows a card to a player, bookkeepers add those points to the betting pool.

Most bookmakers use the same point system.

Yellow cards receive 10 points and red cards get 25. If a player receives two yellow cards, this is worth 35 points. The second yellow card is considered an automatic red.

There are many ways you can bet on booking points. These may differ based on the bookkeeper that you use.

You can place bets on the exact number of booking points that will occur during the game. Bookkeepers may also have options available to place bets over or under a certain number.


Before you begin betting on booking points in soccer, there are factors you will want to consider. These considerations will help inform you on what your bet should be.


Like any sport you will bet on, research on the teams is necessary. This will provide you with valuable insight into how many cards will appear in the game.

Some teams are more aggressive than others. These aggressive teams are more likely to have cards shown to them.


Like teams, certain players compete rougher than others. You need to know which players are more likely to receive cards on each team.

There are chances that players are out for injury. They could have also received too many cards in their last match to risk getting more this game.

Knowing the players on the field and what they will do is vital to making a good bet.

Also, keep in mind that two yellow cards to the same player will result in a red card. This changes the point system and can affect your bet in a dramatic way.


It is also important to do research on who the referees are. Some are more likely to display cards than others.

In a hypothetical scenario, you have two aggressive teams with aggressive players. But if the referee is hesitant to show cards, your bet will face challenges.

The opposite could also be true. You could have less aggressive teams but referees who will display cards often.

Know who the referees are and what their calls tend to be. This will help to improve your odds when placing your bet.

The Game

Another factor that you will not want to overlook is the game itself. What are the stakes?

When emotions and stakes are high, players tend to display more aggression on the field.

A low-stakes game like an early season match tends to display few cards. World Cup games, on the other hand, will see many cards as the team’s play for a higher reward.

Make sure you take into consideration of the context of the game. It will have a great effect on how the players behave.


The last thing you need to consider is the rules of betting on booking points in football. These are notable because they can greatly affect the points awarded in a game.

An important rule to keep in mind is that points are only counted if the cards are shown to a player on the field. Cards given to coaches or players on the sidelines do not count.

Cards that are given in overtime also do not count.

Some bookkeepers offer over and under bets. If you match the limit set forth, you make a successful bet.

For example, you bet 35+ on the match and 35 is the number of booking points given. Since you matched the bet, you still win.

These are important rules to consider and think about. They shape how the bets work and may determine how you want to bet.

Should I Bet on Booking Points?

There is a lot to think about before you place your bet on a soccer game. Is it really worth trying to make that bet?

There is research involved before you place a bet on a game. But, this is the case if you were to bet on any sport. A few resources and following the football season are all you need though.

One of the features of booking points is that bookkeepers will offer odds beforehand. This will give you a good idea of what to expect from the game. Adding your own evaluation to this will better your odds further.

You many times also have the ability to bet over or under. This increases your chances of winning since there is no need to bet the exact number.

Last of all, if you are an avid football fan, you probably already know what to look for. A majority of the world’s sports betting is in football. Your prior knowledge and experience of the sport are fantastic aids.

If you are only getting started in betting on soccer, there is no need to worry. There are plenty of places that can help you get started with your bets. You will be an expert in booking points in no time.

Place Your Bets

Booking points are a unique bet that you can place on a soccer match. Their point system allows for a number of ways that you can win.

Increase your opportunities to win big betting on soccer matches. Check out some other resources that will help you make the best bet.

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