This detailed analysis aims to provide fans and bettors with insights into the “Blues vs Red Wings Prediction,” dissecting the strengths and weaknesses of both teams. The St. Louis Blues and Detroit Red Wings are set to clash in what promises to be an electrifying match-up. Here’s what you need to know about this highly anticipated encounter to make best bets.

NHL Betting Model predicts Detroit Red Wings win with 60.79% probability against St. Louis Blues. Recommended pick: Detroit Red Wings at -155 odds, with a high-scoring game projected at 6.62 total goals.

St. Louis Blues vs. Detroit Red Wings: Game Preview

  • Date: Saturday, February 24, 2024
  • Time: 12:00 PM ET
  • Location: Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, Michigan
  • How to Watch: The game will be broadcasted on ABC and ESPN+. Fans can also stream the game on ESPN+​​.

Team Overviews

Detroit Red Wings

The Red Wings are heading into the game with a record of 30-20-6, showing strong offensive capabilities this season. They’ve managed to position themselves as a formidable team within the Eastern Conference, ranking seventh. Their scoring average of 3.46 goals per game places them sixth in the NHL, underlining their attacking prowess. However, their defense allows an average of 3.21 goals per game, ranking 20th, suggesting room for improvement in their defensive strategies. The Red Wings also boast an effective power play and penalty kill, with rates of 23.19% and 82.29% respectively, placing them eighth in the league for both metrics​​.

St. Louis Blues

The Blues, with a record of 30-24-2, rank eighth in the Western Conference, showing a balanced performance this season. They average 2.93 goals scored per game, placing them 20th in the league, while their defense concedes 3.05 goals on average, ranking 15th. Similar to the Red Wings, the Blues face challenges in shot generation and prevention, ranking in the lower tier for both shots and shots allowed per game. Their power play percentage stands at 17.92%, ranking 22nd, and their penalty kill percentage is 79.47%, indicating areas where the team could seek improvement​​.

Game Overview: Blues vs Red Wings Prediction

Both teams come into the game with distinctive offensive and defensive characteristics. The Blues are known for their strategic gameplay, while the Red Wings boast a slightly superior offensive line-up. This section breaks down the key statistics and what they mean for the game, which helps us with Blues vs Red Wings Prediction.

Offensive Matchup

  • St. Louis Blues Offense: Averages 2.91 goals per 60 minutes and 28.53 shots per 60 minutes.
  • Detroit Red Wings Offense: Slightly edges out with 3.42 goals per 60 minutes and 28.65 shots per 60 minutes.

Defensive Matchup

  • St. Louis Blues Defense: Allows 3.03 goals against per 60 minutes and faces 31.81 shots against per 60 minutes.
  • Detroit Red Wings Defense: Concedes 3.18 goals against per 60 minutes and 31.99 shots against per 60 minutes.

Analytical Deep Dive

Delving deeper into the Corsi For percentage (CF%) and Fenwick For percentage (FF%), we uncover more about each team’s control over the puck and their shot quality.

  • St. Louis Blues: CF% of 47.01 and FF% of 46.77.
  • Detroit Red Wings: CF% of 46.65 and FF% of 46.65.

These metrics suggest a closely matched game, with a slight edge in goal differential favoring the Red Wings.

Goalie Matchup

Projected starters Jordan Binnington (Blues) and Ville Husso (Red Wings) both have recent save percentages below .900. This section explores their expected impact on the game.

  • Jordan Binnington (Blues): SV% of .901 with an expected 3.35 goals against.
  • Ville Husso (Red Wings): SV% of .895 with an expected 3.31 goals against.
Blues vs Red Wings Prediction

Betting Insights and Prediction

The NHL Betting Model gives the Detroit Red Wings a 60.79% win probability, with a projected total of 6.62 goals for the game. This suggests a potential high-scoring affair and a win for the Red Wings.

Recommended NHL Pick

  • Detroit Red Wings: The model and analysis recommend backing the Red Wings in this matchup.

Betting Strategy

For those looking to place bets, remember to shop for the best odds, utilize bonuses, and adopt an analytical approach to maximize your chances of success.



This comprehensive breakdown of the Blues vs Red Wings game provides fans and bettors with all the necessary information to anticipate the upcoming clash. With a slight edge to the Red Wings, according to our analysis and the betting model, this game is poised to be an exciting battle on the ice. Whether you’re watching for the thrill of the game or looking to make a well-informed bet, this matchup promises not to disappoint.

Boost your betting strategy

For bettors looking to capitalize on this game, the advice remains consistent: shop for the best NHL betting odds, take advantage of bonuses and promotions, and consider an analytical approach to betting, as recommended in the Ultimate Modern Bettor course. With the Red Wings favored to win, according to the betting model, they represent a compelling pick for those looking to place a wager on this exciting NHL clash.

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