Did you know that roughly 50% of transactions that use Bitcoin currently correspond to gambling? The use of cryptocurrency in gambling is all the rage and is a great way to spend your digital cash. 

One place where you can do some gambling using Bitcoin is Bitsler. Bitsler Casino is an online betting platform where you can play classic casino games and win cryptocurrency doing so! Plus, you can get involved in Bitsler sports betting to cheer on your favorite teams. 

If you want to learn more about Bitsler, keep reading. Here’s an honest Bitsler review to help you decide whether or not this platform is for you. 

An Overview of Bitsler

Bitsler is a betting site that first launched back in March of 2015, and was a dice website that based many gambles on Bitcoin. The website offered fantastic rewards and a great user experience, that drew customers in. 

Bitsler has maintained some of its great features, including milestones for tracking your achievements, a referral system, and tons of investment opportunities. All these features make it stand out from other BTC dice websites. 

The website has a house edge of 1% and a public ledger so that you can check out all the winning and losing bets. This transparency has made the website a popular place with a loyal user base. 

Another major aspect of Bitsler is that the site uses a pretty fair system. They help alleviate concerns that the random number generator on the site is legit and assure users that they’ve got a fair chance of winning their bets.

What To Know About the Bitlser Levels

Bitlser uses a level system that’s designed to entice players to keep coming back and making more bets. In the system, the more money you bet, the higher level you get. 

As you move up in the ranks, you start to earn a percentage of your referrals’ lost bets. When you get pretty high up you can start earning a nice chunk of change on those losing bets. 

What’s great about this is that you’ll start earning more Bitcoins per person that you refer to the site, too. You’ll not only bring in more money on your friends’ losing bets, but also on new members that you recruit to the site. 

Understanding Bitlser Milestones

Another aspect of Bitsler that you should be aware of is the milestone system. These milestones work similarly to classic console video games and PC games.

Milestones work by helping you keep track of your progress. The site doesn’t offer incentives for completing your milestones, but it’s still a fun way to show your friends how your bets are going. 

You can earn milestones for completing tons of different actions. Earn milestones by learning how to bet and diving into the resources on the site, making referrals, winning bets, and completing more rolls. 

The milestone feature is a fun part of the Bitsler community that sets it apart from other online dice sites. It’s one of the many reasons why so many people join and stick with the site. 

The Profit-Sharing Aspect of Bitsler

Bitsler Casino

One unique aspect of the Bitsler platform is the fact that you can share in the profits of the site. To do so, you simply make Bitcoin investments into the house’s earnings. 

Depending on how much you invest in the house’s bankroll, you’ll earn bitcoin profits. Just like traditional investments you might make, the number of bitcoins you’ll earn on the house bankroll depends on how much money you invest. 

What’s great about the profit-sharing aspect of Bitsler is that the site has a 1% edge. That means that you’ll make a guaranteed product by investing in the house’s earnings. 

Investing in the house profits is a great choice for anyone who has extra Bitcoins on hand that they’re not using. You can make Bitcoins work for you by investing them into the house and making a profit every time other users gamble. 

The Bitsler Community

Another one of the main reasons why people choose to sign up for and stick with Bitsler is the Bitsler community. The site has a chat feature that allows you to talk with other users about tons of different subjects. 

One thing that many people discuss on the site is their dice strategy. You can take a look at what strategies users are winning off of and implement them in your own betting to start winning extra cash. 

Another reason why the Bitsler community is so unique is that it allows people to make new friends. You can find sympathy for your losses and get tips for turning things around and making a profit on your next bet. 

How To Bet on Bitsler

Bitsler Casino

If you’re interested in getting started on Bitsler, you’ll need to know how the platform works. First, you’ll need to create an account on the site and claim your free $10 of Bitcoin. 

With that cash in hand, you can start betting! To set a bet, you’ll need to place the amount of money you want your base bet to be. A bet of 0.00000001 is the equivalent of one satoshi. 

Next, you’ll need to set the payout multiplier. If you set the multiplier to 2X, for example, you’ll earn double what you bet if you win. 

Then, choose whether you want to roll under or over. This is a setting you’ll use to state whether you want to land a low or high number. 

After that, select your losing events percentage. This will multiply your previous bet for the next bet. 

You can also set the speed of your betting to make your dice rolls faster or slower. Once those settings are where you want them, click roll the dice and the computer will roll for you and the game will begin!

Your win or loss gets immediately applied to your bankroll. 

Bitsler Betting Strategies

When it comes to online gambling, there are tons of different strategies out there. And, while you can implement standard betting strategies on Bitsler, it helps to have some strategies under your belt that are specific to the site. 

If you’re ready to win big, you should get an idea of the best Bitsler strategy. Let’s take a look at a few Bitsler betting strategies that can help you start bringing in the cash. 

Strategy #1

In the first Bitsler strategy, you’re going to want to leave these settings alone and take an automated betting strategy. If you already made some changes, make sure to reset the chance to 49.5%. 

Next, it’s time for you to choose your bet amount. You can choose any amount, although it’s recommended that you start low so that you can play it safe your first time using the strategy. 

After that, you’ll need to make sure that the selected losing event is greater than the increase or decrease. You should also set the percentage to 46%. 

Then, set the first gamble’s no roll limit to 30. Start the game and then set the second gamble’s no roll limit to 20. Play another round and set the third no roll limit to 10. 

Once you’ve made these three bets, let the game rest for half an hour. This is important for improving your odds and beating the betting algorithm so that you win the most cash. 

After you’ve let the game sit for a little bit, you can get back online and try your luck at the dice again!

Strategy #2 

The next strategy is a little bit more straightforward. For this strategy, set the chance to either 51% or 52% so that you increase your chances of winning. The only difference between this strategy and the first strategy is that you’ll change that percentage. 

The downside of this strategy is that it’s a higher risk. However, you’ll have a higher chance of winning your bets. 

Just make sure, as you did in the first strategy, that you don’t get carried away with your bets. Limit your gambles to three times and then let the game rest before coming back to your bets. 

Strategy #3

The third strategy is the riskiest because you’ll be toggling the chance to a rate of between 80% and 90%. Then, you’ll need to make a large wager that’s significantly bigger than your usually slow and safe profits (such as that used in strategy #1). 

With this strategy, you’ll need to have a lot of patience and be careful how many times you bet in a row. Limit your roll to 40 or less and make sure that your betting doesn’t go any higher than your limit. 

If you’re betting with this strategy, once you lose, it’s time to stop betting. Continuing to bet after a loss could result in serious losses that set you back a huge amount.

Strategy #4

For our fourth and final strategy, you’ll need to have a pretty high amount of BTC on hand. Doing so is risky, but it can give you a huge profit on your gamble.

For this strategy, set the chance to 0.9 and make other adjustments so that the bet is at your preference. Then, use the automated settings and roll more than 300 or 400 to boost your chances of winning. 

Bitsler Casino

Try Your Hand at Betting on Bitsler

With all this information about Bitsler, you’re probably ready to sign up for an account yourself. Doing so can be a great way to bring in new earnings and start winning big with bitcoin gambling. 

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