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Introduction to Bills vs Bengals Prediction

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming NFL Sunday Night Football showdown on October 8, 2023, we are poised to witness an electrifying match between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals. Set in the magnificent Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio, which boasts a capacity to accommodate 65,515 spectators, this game promises intense action and strategic gameplay. Let’s delve into a comprehensive analysis to equip bettors and fans with key insights and predictions.

Quick Game Overview

When and Where:

  • Date & Time: Sunday, October 8, 2023, at 8:20 PM EDT
  • Location: Paycor Stadium, Cincinnati, OH (Stadium Capacity: 65,515)

Teams and Betting Lines:

The Buffalo Bills, carrying a respectable 5-3 record, find themselves as the underdogs with a spread of +3 and an over/under set at 48.5. Conversely, the Cincinnati Bengals, with a slightly inferior record of 4-3, are positioned as the favorites with a spread of -3. Check Current Bovada NFL Lines Here.

  • Buffalo Bills: Spread: +3, Over/Under: 48.5, Record: 5-3
  • Cincinnati Bengals: Spread: -3, Record: 4-3

Offense and Defense Breakdown

Buffalo Bills

Offensively, the Bills have been performing exceptionally well, averaging 27.75 points per game, and showcasing an impressive yard per play statistic of 5.9. Their passing game is robust, contributing 17 touchdowns, supplemented by an additional 9 touchdowns on the ground. However, their performance is slightly marred by 12 turnovers. Defensively, the Bills have proven their mettle, allowing a mere 17.00 points per game, yielding 5.5 yards per play, and amassing a total of 14 takeaways. Their defense has conceded 8 passing touchdowns and 5 rushing touchdowns.


  • The Bills are solid, scoring 27.75 points per game.
  • They gain an impressive 5.9 yards per play.
  • Their passing game is strong, with 17 touchdowns, and they’ve run in another 9. However, turnovers are a bit high at 12.


  • The Bills’ defense is reliable, allowing only 17.00 points per game.
  • They give up 5.5 yards per play and have successfully grabbed 14 takeaways.
  • They’ve allowed 8 passing and 5 rushing touchdowns.

Cincinnati Bengals

On the offensive front, the Bengals are slightly more conservative, scoring 18.71 points per game and gaining 4.5 yards per play. Their aerial assault has resulted in 10 touchdowns, complemented by 2 rushing touchdowns, with a commendably low turnover count of 6. Defensively, the Bengals allow 20.57 points per game, give up 5.9 yards per play, and have secured 13 takeaways. Their defense has surrendered 9 passing touchdowns and 6 rushing touchdowns.


  • The Bengals are a bit more modest in scoring, with 18.71 points per game.
  • Their offense gains 4.5 yards per play.
  • They’ve scored 10 touchdowns through the air and 2 on the ground, with a low 6 turnovers.


  • The Bengals’ defense allows 20.57 points per game.
  • They give up 5.9 yards per play and have 13 takeaways.
  • They’ve allowed 9 passing and 6 rushing touchdowns.

NFL Bills vs Bengals Score Predictions

The statistical analysis and predictive modeling forecast the Buffalo Bills to score 26.73 points, while the Cincinnati Bengals are expected to tally up 20.90 points.

  • Buffalo Bills: Predicted to score 26.73 points
  • Cincinnati Bengals: Predicted to score 20.90 points

Betting Insights

Focusing on the spread and totals predictions, the Buffalo Bills exhibit a spread prediction of -5.83, indicating a strong likelihood of them not just covering the spread, but potentially winning by a significant margin. The Bengals, on the other hand, have a spread prediction of +5.83. The projected total points for the game stand at 47.64, slightly below the set Over/Under, guiding bettors towards considering the Under option.

Spread and Totals Predictions

  • Buffalo Bills: Spread Prediction: -5.83 (indicating they are predicted to win by more than the spread)
  • Cincinnati Bengals: Spread Prediction: +5.83
  • Projected Total Points: 47.64 (just under the Over/Under)

Best Bets and NFL Picks

For those looking to capitalize on this exciting matchup, the Buffalo Bills against the spread emerges as a promising option, as they are expected to cover and possibly exceed the spread. The best NFL bet for this week aligns with this analysis, recommending Bills +3 at odds of 1.85. As for the NFL Survivor Pick, the Buffalo Bills stand out as the favored choice, given their offensive strength and defensive resilience.

  • Against the Spread: Buffalo Bills (They’re expected to cover the spread)
  • Best NFL Bet This Week: Bills +3 (1.85)
  • NFL Survivor Pick: Buffalo Bills

Conclusion and Betting Advice

In summation, this Sunday night NFL clash between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals is shaping up to be a game filled with strategy, skill, and potential betting rewards. Both teams are poised to give their all on the field, promising football fans and betting enthusiasts an unforgettable experience. As we countdown to kickoff, ensure you are equipped with these insights and predictions, and may your bets be as thrilling as the game itself.

Enjoy the game, and may the best team prevail!

Best of luck, and enjoy the game!

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