BetOnline.Ag sportsbook is one of the largest sportsbooks out there and offers tons of benefits to users. 

If you’re interested in getting started with one of the best offshore bookies, this guide is for you. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know.

What Is BetOnline AG?

BetOnline AG is a sportsbook and virtual casino that opened its doors back in 2001. The company is based out of Costa Rica, but the government of Panama regulates it. 

The site is compatible with a number of different types of devices. Even though the site has several countries that are restricted, US players are welcome to use the site. 

On top of that, the website has some of the highest wager limits for players from the US. That’s one of the reasons so many US sports bettors enjoy using this platform.

Finally, players enjoy using BetOnline mobile. It’s a great place for bettors to place on-the-go bets and start earning cash no matter where they are at any given time.

BetOnline Mobile

The BetOnline mobile website is available for both iOS and Android users. The site is fully optimized for use on tablets and on mobile phones so that you can enjoy placing bets even if you’re not on your PC.

As of right now, there’s no BetOnline mobile app, however. Still, the website itself is well-optimized enough that you won’t find it inconvenient to use from your mobile phone’s browser.

BetOnline Promo Codes and Bonuses

Whether you’re new to BetOnline or you regularly log in to the BetOnline sportsbook, there are tons of promo codes to take advantage of.

New players typically receive a signup bonus between 50% and 100% depending on the payment method they select. That bonus has a cap of $1,000 but is a huge chunk of change to add to your bankroll when you join the platform. 

If you make a deposit using any accepted type of cryptocurrency, you’ll enjoy the same standard offering. Once again, you’ll have a maximum bonus of $1,000 from the sportsbook, but this time it has a 100% match instead of a 50% match.

Aside from these deposit bonuses, you can enjoy reload bonuses. You’ll get a 25% reload bonus with a limit of up to $500. Plus, there are seasonal rollover bonuses that you can enjoy taking advantage of. 

What’s more, BetOnline AG offers tons of free play offers throughout the year. These have rollover requirements, but let you place a free bet on any available game with a few restrictions.   

All About the BetOnline Sportsbook

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Since BetOnline has been around for a few years, you’ll notice that they have several advantages when it comes to sports betting. They have tons of different betting options, an easy-to-use platform, and great customer service.

There are great wagers offered at BetOnline including round robins, pleasers, teasers, parlays, contingency bets, and action reverses. Plus, there are the usual game lines, prop bets and futures bets. Let’s take a look at more about these bets.

Game Lines

BetOnline AG offers tons of different game lines, covering all major sports as well as college sports and more obscure sports. A few sports you can enjoy making Moneyline bets on include: 

  • NFL and College Football
  • NBA and College Basketball
  • NHL
  • Major League Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Combat sports
  • E-Sports
  • Darts
  • Rugby
  • Snooker
  • Handball
  • Golf 
  • Horseracing

What’s great about this is that there are hundreds of different options for game line bets at BetOnline AG. For example, you can place alternate line and alternate totals bets, just to name a few. 

BetOnline Prop Betting

Prop bets have risen in popularity in recent years, and if you’re looking for a truly great spread of bets, you’ve got to check out BetOnline AG. The site hosts tons of sports bets as well as movie specials, pop culture references, reality TV, and political wagers. 

What’s more, the site has a technology that enables you to set your own prop bets. The tool helps you work out the ideal data for placing a great bet and beating the betting algorithm.

Betting Futures

BetOnline AG also goes above and beyond when it comes to futures bets. The site puts out odds earlier than just about any other sportsbook and does so for just about every major sporting league you can think of. 

For example, the site had its SuperBowl odds out in early spring. They made it easy for you to check out the many different futures bets that you could start place as well as laid out the various offerings you’d get from the book.

Live Sports Betting at BetOnline AG

If you enjoy live betting then you’ll adore checking out BetOnline’s live sports betting section. This part of the site caters to members who enjoy in-game betting and want to enjoy placing bets on all their favorite sports. 

On the site, you can enjoy coverage on every game played in just about any sports league you can imagine. There’s in-game action roughly 24 hours a day, with tons of different games and leagues being covered. 

Although the live betting platform isn’t the prettiest section of the site, it doesn’t have any lag. The site speed is fantastic, and you can take advantage of a live chat to help you work through any issues you experience during the games.

Probably the best feature of BetOnline’s live betting section is the view mode. You can change the view so that you can have more than one event running at a time and can also easily sort through current events. 

What to Know About the BetOnline Casino

If you’re looking for alternatives to sports gambling, you’ll want to spend some time looking through the BetOnline casino. There’s a huge range of games that you can take advantage of in the casino. 

Enjoy live dealer games, video poker, 3D slots, and other skill-based games. No matter what it is that you’re interested in playing, you’ll find something to love at the BetOnline casino. Let’s check out a few of the games to try out.


Most online gamblers enjoy playing slot machines, but BetOnline AG doesn’t have the largest section. The team has a little more than 150 different slot machines for you to try out. 

Even though there aren’t a huge number of slots for you to pick from, the graphics on these are great. You’ll especially love the 3D slot machines that really make you feel as though you’re in a casino.

Table Games

The best part of the BetOnline casino has to be the table games. The casino offers 48 different types of table games including: 

  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Caribbean Poker
  • Ride ‘Em Poker
  • Oasis Poker
  • Baccarat

These are just a couple of the different games you’ll find in the casino. Be sure to note that there are variations on each type of game, too, with 7 types of roulette, more than 20 types of blackjack, and 3 types of baccarat.

Live Casino

If you miss the old days of swinging by in-person casinos, you can get the same experience by shifting to the live casino. In this section of the site, you’ll also notice that you have far more game options to choose from. 

There are usually about 10-15 options for each game on this site. However, if you head to the Black or Red casino you’ll be met with even more games to try out. 

The Red casino is a space where you’ll only find table games. In the Black casino, you’ll find 3D slots as well as classic table games. Regardless of which portion of the live casino you choose you’ll find tons of variety in the games.

Video Poker

Next, you’ll want to know about the Video Poker section of the site. This section gives you 16 different types of poker that you can try out. A few of the poker games offered here include: 

  • Double Double Bonus
  • Aces and Eights
  • Jacks or Better

These are just a few of the video poker games to try. Be sure to poke around the section to get a feel for what you enjoy!

Specialty Games

If you’re wanting to check out specialty games, that’s an option at BetOnline AG. This section features skill games including Video Bing and Keno for some great betting opportunities.

A Rundown of the BetOnline Poker Room

Poker is one of the most popular casino games among seasoned bettors and rookies alike. And, if you want to get in on the poker action, you should definitely give BetOnline AG a whirl. 

The site has a ton of traffic, which is what makes it such a great place for playing poker. Regardless of whether you’re wanting to join cash games or participate in a tournament, there’s something to be found at BetOnline AG. 

Keep in mind that if you like participating in Poker tournaments, the site runs more than 50 tournaments a week. You can enjoy small buy-ins of just a couple of bucks for micro-events or larger buy-ins for the Sunday Main Event.

It may be well worth paying the larger buy-in, however, as the Sunday Main Event has a prize pool worth $60,000. A few of the other tournaments you can check out include: 

  • Daily Dozen
  • Sunday Majors
  • Twisted Turbos
  • Rebuy Frenzy
  • Bare Knuckle Bounties
  • Wicked Weekends
  • Omaha
  • Sunday Warm Up
  • Sizzling Saturdays
  • Windfall Sit ‘n Go’s

There’s no shortage of Poker action, no matter when you’re logging into the site. And, with plenty of tournaments to participate in, there really are endless opportunities for making some cash.

The Lowdown on BetOnline Esports

Esports is a betting niche that’s been on the rise lately, and BetOnline has been an expert in this space for a long time. They’re one of the industry leaders in esports because they’ve been covering the space long before it was popular. 

What’s great about BetOnline’s esports section is that they offer tons of different games and leagues. There are esports games running almost daily, with some of the most popular being:

  • League of Legends
  • Strike
  • DOTA 2
  • Call of Duty
  • Starcraft
  • Warcraft 3
  • Valorant
  • Madden 20
  • FIFA 

For each game on the site’s esports section, there’s no shortage of leagues, either. That way you can stay engaged in the leagues that intrigue you and keep up with who’s who in the world of esports. 

BetOnline AG doesn’t just offer a basic Moneyline on esports, either. They offer tons of different betting options, including placing bets on maps, first to five kills, and over/under for the total number of kills in the game.

Regardless of what type of betting you enjoy when it comes to esports, you’ll find a way to stay excited in BetOnline AG’s arena.

BetOnline Esports Live Betting

We can’t talk about BetOnline’s esports section without mentioning their live betting section. The company has a Twitch channel where they stream the games. 

In fact, they have several Twitch channels, each one dedicated to specific games. You can find dedicated accounts for NBA2K and Madden Sims, for example.

When you’re on the BetOnline esports page you can click on the video camera icon next to the betting lines to head to the Twitch page. That’s a fun way to watch the game’s streaming as the action takes place.

Try Your Luck at BetOnline AG

Now that you’ve taken a deep dive into BetOnline AG you know what a great site this can be for new and old bettors alike. It’s a site that serves tons of markets and has a huge range of betting opportunities for gambling enthusiasts. 

If you found this article helpful and want more tips, tricks, and guides about sports betting, we’ve got you covered. Check out our other articles and sign up at Underdog Chance to stay ahead of the game in the online betting world. 

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