If you love baseball betting, you should read this article, because I will explain how you can win $10,000 with MLB game predictions. Betnow app offers a free sports handicapping contest, where sports bettors must simply pick winners from selected games. This is extra bonus for all players on Betnow app.

The best part is that participating and predicting MLB games is completely free. Let’s dive into the details and how you can start.

Bet on MLB Baseball

How to Start?

Before you make any MLB game predictions, you must create an account and log in. It’s 100% free. Here is how you do it quickly:

  • Step One: Register for free on Betnow app
  • Step Two: login into Betnow account with your username and password
  • Step Three: At the top of the page click on the Contests and then “MLB Weekly Entry”
mlb game predictions on betnow

MLB Game Predictions and How to Pick Winners

In this sports handicapping contest called “BetNow’s Grand Slam Weekly Contest”, you don’t need to bet against the spread or against the odds, but simply pick the winners of the game. In other words, baseball odds are not important.

On the Betnow app you’ll see the list of games, where you can pick winners. To make a winning prediction, you must simply click on the team you think will win the game.

The team you picked will appear in the “Your Pick” column. After you make all MLB game predictions, set the grand salami number and click submit.

mlb game predictions on betnow app

What is Grand Salami?

Grand salami is the total # of runs scored during the entire week and you simply put the number in. While baseball betting on over-under is focused on single games, Grand Salami is focused on the total of all runs scored in all listed games.

What’s the best baseball betting strategy in this handicapping contest?

There are two things you must focus on. MLB winners predictions and total runs scored in all games combined.

First is the focus on the winners, not on the odds. The biggest chance you’ll have is if you’ll pick the teams that have a better chance to win the game.

If you have a sports betting model, you can calculate the probabilities of upcoming games. Here is the example from my baseball betting model:

picking mlb winners from baseball betting model

If you’ll make early predictions, Betnow or any other sportsbook will still not have all the odds. In this case, you can predict MLB winners with your own analysis or by calculating winning percentages with your sports betting algorithm if you have one.

At the time, when I tried to pick a winner in the game between Pittsburgh Pirates and Arizona Diamondbacks, the listed pitcher for Arizona is Zac Gallen, but Pittsburgh has an undecided pitcher.

For this Pirates vs Diamondbacks prediction, I typed Zac Gallen as a home pitcher and I used an average pitching number for the away team – Pittsburgh Pirates.

MLB betting model predicted winning percentages:

  • Arizona Diamondbacks (Zac Gallen): 64.53%
  • Pittsburgh Pirates (AVG): 35.47%
  • A total number of runs: 8.08

I would pick the team with a better chance and I would sum all predicted runs scored from all games.

Bet on MLB Baseball

Luck and Predictions

With algorithms, we can increase the chances of winning, which will make a huge difference between successful sports bettors and losing bettors, when it comes to professional betting on single games and the odds.

But in such competitions, luck will always play a huge role and the chances are still small that anyone will pick all winners.

Because of that, you can combine your betting analysis with your gut feelings. And the best part is that participating is absolutely free, so you have nothing to lose, but a lot to win. But if you are serious about professional sports betting, you should always focus on +EV bets, which must include MLB game predictions and sportsbook odds.

Rules and Frequently Asked Questions?

Betnow MLB prediction contest starts at the start of MLB baseball season and they are giving away $10,000 each week.

Every person can participate only with one account. In other words, you can not make several accounts and then try luck.

How to win $10,000?

To win the full prize of $10,000 you must have a perfect MLB game predictions week. All your MLB picks for that week won with the exact tiebreaker total.

When more sports handicappers have a perfect week, what happens with the prizes?

The prize will be equally split among the winning handicappers.

What if I almost hit all winners, will I get any prize?

Yes. You don’t need to have a perfect week to earn money. Consolation prizes will be given out weekly to the top 5 scoring clients and slit among winners if tied.

What happens if the games are canceled because of the rain or something else?

Canceled games are not counted in the contest.

Is there any rollover required?

No. There is no rollover from Betnow app in this competition.

Do I need to deposit money to betnow app in order to participate?

No. The contest is completely free. The only thing you need to do is to register for free and then log in to betnow app.

Final Words

Building a sports betting bankroll is a difficult task for many sports bettors. But there are different ways of building your first bankroll and this is one of many. Yes, you’ll need a bit of luck, but when you have a chance to make money completely for free just by picking MLB winners, you should try it.

Baseball betting is a great opportunity for many pro bettors and if you are serious about making the next step forward, check our free betting course, where we teach you how to bet properly with the numbers.

Bet on MLB Baseball

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