In a constantly changing market, sometimes investments look different than expected. The days of leaving cash in a long-term stock are over for many people, at least for now, and traditional sports betting markets like NFL betting are too sharp for an average bettor. So how do the adventurous find creative ways of making money and having fun at the same time?

Valorant betting could be the answer to that question. The new, highly-anticipated game gains popularity every day, and bets on Valorant occur with each new match.

So what is Valorant? And how is this type of betting the answer to having new investment opportunities in a volatile market? For those new to betting, check out a free course before diving into the world of Valorant betting and how it’s captivating entrepreneurs and nerds alike. 

What Is Valorant

Valorant Game Characters

The rage in first-person shooter games, Valorant came on the scene in limited form in early 2020. By the summer, it swept the gaming world with its excitement, free-to-play capabilities, and the opportunity for Valorant gambling.

The project received its first testing in 2019 and met widespread acclaim. When the game was officially released in 2020, it was an immediate hit. Gaining popularity on game-watching sites like Twitch, Valorant gained a following of gamers, thrill-seekers, and entrepreneurs.

Late 2020 saw the rise of Valorant betting in the esports world. The gaming company that created Valorant created an esports tournament that pitted teams against one another in championship tours. Places like Berlin host these tours, and Valorant teams continue to compete for the title of ultimate victor. 

Esports Betting

For those who are new to the betting world, esports betting might seem like a daunting concept. But it doesn’t have to be. It is a simple way to combine a love of gaming and sports betting and hopefully make some money in the process. 

Electronic sports, or esports, is essentially competitive video gaming. They usually occur in an organized, multiplayer format, where different players (usually professionals) compete individually or as teams. 

Esports took off in the late 2000s and has been an essential part of video game culture ever since. From live streaming to active participation, esports allows gamers and creatives to compete against one another in a community-like environment. 

Esports betting developed not long after esports took off. With so many matches played every day, there are some crazy opportunities to make profitable esports bets. Getting the hang of betting on virtual gaming might seem difficult, but there are plenty of resources out there to help with that.

Betting on Valorant

Betting on Valorant has been around for about as long as the game itself. Since the development and subsequent release of Valorant in 2020, Valorant betting sites have opened that encourage placing Valorant bets of all kinds and sizes. 

Since Valorant came about during the 2020 pandemic, it should come as no surprise that it picked up steam quickly and soon became an outlet for gamblers and esports betters. Not only did it gain popularity at the initial outset of the game’s release, but this first-person shooter has become increasingly popular, with no signs of slowing any time soon.

Increasing esports betting market

Valorant betting marks a change in the world of esports betting. There is a shifting desire to match the interest that Valorant has sparked in the esports world. Some of the world’s most prominent esports organizations are working to create teams that compete at a high level.

One of the significant changes in esports betting is the shift to mobile platforms. With more people interested in competing in mobile-compatible scenarios, many gaming companies struggle to keep up with the demand.

Valorant producers, to get ahead of the call for a mobile version of the game, have begun working on a mobile Valorant alternative. As the gaming world moves to include more mobile games topping the popularity list, Valorant is set up to maintain its spot as one of the most popular games out there. 

All this information makes Valorant betting that much more compelling. The opportunities for placing profitable bets are ever-increasing, and they show no signs of slowing down. Valorant betting is a viable option for people looking to make their money work for them in the current market of volatility and uncertainty.

There are various ways to get into Valorant betting, although working with a trusted site is probably the best method. 

Best Valorant Betting Sites:

Utilizing a Valorant betting site is the best way to learn the ropes and make good wagers. Especially for those just starting in Valorant betting, using a website that walks through each step of the process is a wise move. 

Unique betting sites out there are:

  • – this betting firm specializes in esports betting and has since 2016
  • Thunderpick – an esports betting and online casino site
  • Cyberbet – a licensed online bookmaker that customizes esports betting experiences

These sites can help anyone exploring Valorant betting, making some investments, and perhaps winning big on a match or two.

Best Sites to Place Valorant Bets in the USA:

In the United States, there are esports betting websites that will help specifically with Valorant betting. Using one of these websites will allow wager on these games. 

Look for one of these excellent offshore bookies options in the USA:

The best way to place bets is to use one of these websites. With the combined knowledge and expertise, these sites allow prospective gamblers to make wise decisions that are highly profitable and focus on all aspects of esports betting. 

Betting on Valorant without the help of knowledgeable organizations is possible but is not recommended. Individuals run a greater risk of suffering huge losses. Gambling with a trustworthy betting website will increase the odds of success and profits. 

Valorant Match Betting

Valorant match betting is the best option for Valorant betting. Like other gambling, Valorant betting requires knowing the odds, understanding the players, and having a sound grasp of the basic foundations of gameplay. 

Live Betting

Live betting, or in-play betting, is one method of Valorant betting that gamblers like to employ. Live betting helps gamblers who don’t get the opportunity to bet on a game before it starts or who want to place bets as the game progresses. Essentially, live betting is the act of placing bets on a game that has yet to finish.

Live betting is the preferred method for Valorant betting. Live betting means betting on first kills, player movements, and scenario results, all during the course of the game. It allows gamblers to bet on all aspects of the game as the game progresses. 

Valorant betting tends to take the form of live betting. The odds can quickly change as the game carries on, resulting in massive losses for those who bet the odds and nothing more. With live betting, those who bet the odds also have a chance to participate in the game and improve on their choices.

Betting the Odds

Although live betting tends to produce greater rewards in Valorant betting, betting the odds is also a viable option. For those who are more analytical and prone to studying before placing a bet, betting the odds could be a beneficial way to go.

Valorant betting takes the shape of betting the odds just like any other sports or esports betting system. Understanding the players involved, the team makeup, and the likelihood of how the play might progress lends an advantage to those who are skilled at betting the odds. 

The Popularity of Valorant Betting

Valorant betting has grown in popularity parallel with the game’s growing popularity. As esports betting has taken over the gambling world of the late 2000s, Valorant betting is at the top of many of those lists. 

Exploding Topics: Valorant popularity Growth

Since the game’s inception, experts have been tirelessly working to produce informative material that helps prospective gamblers make solid choices and place wise bets. Websites dedicated to Valorant betting have sprung up around the Internet. And the world of esports betting has fully embraced these developments as a sign of progress and forward movement. 

And there are no signs of Valorant betting slowing down. As far as seems predictable, the popularity of Valorant betting is only increasing. With mobile developments, betting websites, and avid gamers showing up for competitions, the popularity of Valorant could carry on for decades. 

As long as the market for Valorant betting is open, there’s no reason to think that gamblers won’t take advantage of it. Valorant was one of the most anticipated games released in 2020, and its popularity has done nothing but skyrocket. 

This paints a hopeful and exciting picture for anyone interested in Valorant betting.

Valorant Betting Tips

The best way to get into Valorant betting is to learn about the game. Learn its history, its gameplay, and the best strategies for winning. Learning about how the game works means knowing who the characters are and how they function. Their abilities and weapon choices will play a key role in betting decisions, and the way they move is equally important.

Learn the best strategies for success. Figuring out how different teams capitalize on mistakes from their competition can significantly help in live betting situations. Following along with the course of the game requires active participation and understanding, not passivity. 

The best thing for Valorant betting is using a website that specializes in esports gambling. Knowing how the game works are essential and will play a vital role in the overall betting process. However, nothing is more helpful than a team of experts who devote themselves to understanding the ins and outs in a way that others simply cannot. 

Final Thoughts

Valorant is arguably one of the most popular first-person shooter games released in the last ten years. Since hitting the market in mid-2020, it has gained a following of loyal players and fans who devote themselves to understanding the game at a deep level and competing with other experts.

Along with the game’s growing popularity, betting on Valorant is the latest in esports gambling. With the opportunities for big wins, it’s no wonder that betting on Valorant has become such a popular hobby for so many people.

And with the development of websites devoted to esports betting, that popularity is only increasing. Placing bets with one of these sites presents an exciting opportunity to earn massive gains and to have some fun at the same time.

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