Welcome to the Bears vs Chiefs Prediction generated by Artificial Intelligence!

As we dive into Week 3, we’re looking at a game that promises to be a highlight – the Chicago Bears going head-to-head with the Kansas City Chiefs. Can the underdog Bears pull off a surprise, or will the Chiefs continue their winning form? Our AI-backed predictions are here to guide you through.

A tip: View our AI computer-generated predictions for all NFL games in Week 3, not just this one. We use A.I. to analyze every matchup here.

1. The Basics: Teams, Venue, and Time

  • Teams: Chicago Bears vs. Kansas City Chiefs
  • Date & Time: Sunday, September 24, 2023, 4:25 PM EDT
  • Venue: Arrowhead Stadium, known for its loud atmosphere with a seating capacity of 76,416.

2. Team Records & Betting Lines

  • Chicago Bears: Off to a rocky start at 0-2 and given a spread of 12.5.
  • Kansas City Chiefs: Balanced at 1-1 with a spread of -12.5.
  • Points Game: The expected combined score sits at 48.

3. AI’s Score Predictions

Away Team – Chicago Bears:

  • Predicted to score approximately 18.06 points.

Home Team – Kansas City Chiefs:

  • The Chiefs are expected to dominate with a high of 39.08 points.

4. Spread Insights

Chicago Bears:

  • AI sees an even tougher game for the Bears, adjusting the spread to 21.03.

Kansas City Chiefs:

  • Chiefs get a more favorable spread adjustment at -21.03.

5. Over or Under?

The AI’s combined score prediction tallies to 57.14, which is considerably “over” the set game total of 48.

6. AI’s Top NFL Bets for the Week

  • NFL Pick: Kansas City Chiefs at -12.5 offers solid value, along with betting on the game total to go “Over 48“.
  • Survivor Pick for Week 3: For those in survivor pools, confidently pick the Chiefs to sail through this week.

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