Unlock Success with My MLB Betting Model: A Baseball Betting Strategy 2024 that Actually Works!

Maximize Your MLB Betting Returns with My Comprehensive and Ready-to-Use Baseball Betting Strategy and Downloadable Spreadsheet for Season 2024

MLB Betting Record 2023: 201-158, +37.59 units

$37,590 for Dime Bettors in 2023

Beating Pinnacle Closing Line 72.88% of times with CLV: +2.06
The best value bets (2 unit – big value bets): 40-19, +30.68 units BTL: 90.91% / CLV: +4.45% / xCLV: +1.64%

Become Winning Sports Bettor – Bet With Numbers, not Gut Feelings


Master MLB Betting with Data-Driven Analysis — Ditch the Gut Feelings

Have you ever wondered how the pros consistently make money with baseball betting? The key to success isn’t just “good luck,” it’s a winning strategy.

In all honesty, there’s no “secret” to sports betting. If you use the numbers and odds in your favor, you’ll be successful.

The problem is that most bettors don’t know how to do this the right way.

Here’s where I can help…

Hi, I’m Marjan (also known as MB), and I’m excited to share my successful MLB betting strategy with you. Over the past twenty years, I’ve developed numerous straightforward yet profitable sports betting models and imparted this knowledge to hundreds of betting enthusiasts worldwide.

I’ve guided countless individuals towards analytical and self-reliant betting (that’s right, no more relying on or paying for sports picks), enabling them to make well-informed decisions in sports betting.

Many of our masterclass students who began betting with models and spreadsheets have now achieved 5 or even 6-figure profits.

For some, this betting approach has been a transformative experience in more ways than one.

I’ve already done the research and groundwork for you by creating a spreadsheet with all the statistics, odds, and formulas you’ll need for MLB betting. What’s even better is that it’s user-friendly, even for novices! Simply input your bets using my tried-and-tested system.

With this baseball betting strategy, you’ll access…

efficient spreadsheets that enable fast analysis, and provide MLB game probabilities.

With my MLB betting model, in just a few clicks, you can consider crucial game data like pitchers, hitters, ballpark factors, and more – an analysis impossible to do manually.

This ready-to-use MLB betting spreadsheet is a potent tool for spotting +EV bets that others miss.

Confidently bet based on impartial predictions and dependable data, because numbers never lie.

The 3 most common mistakes MLB bettors make

With over two decades in the betting industry, I’ve realized that most significant mistakes stem from a weak foundation in sports betting principles.

Without a firm grasp of the basics, understanding the math behind the odds, and knowing how sports betting operates, you’ll never achieve your full potential in earnings and profits.

In fact, you’ll be far from it.

Having interacted with and assisted thousands of MLB bettors over the years, I’ve observed that nearly ALL of them commit the same three critical errors.

Here are the 3 biggest mistakes baseball bettors make…

  • Betting based on emotions

    Numerous baseball bettors wager merely because they love the game and believe that watching matches will yield profits. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work. Baseball is a game of statistics, and watching games rarely correlates with betting success. In most cases, it leads to biased and ill-informed decisions.

  • Relying on irrelevant data and weak analysis

    Many bettors use non-predictive data, betting trends, and mainstream statistics found on ESPN or MLB.com. However, these statistics lack predictive power. Advanced baseball statistics offer much better insights and predictability.

  • Blindly following sports picks

    Numerous bettors trust sports picks without understanding the issues that arise from merely following these recommendations. Many of these picks are no better than flipping a coin, as the services providing them often cannot explain their selections mathematically. Such guesswork results in long-term disappointment.


Now… A Question for You…

How many more units could you earn if you made expert-level MLB predictions instead of relying on guesswork like millions of others?

How much faster could your bankroll grow if you placed sharper bets?

Imagine having a tool that swiftly calculated MLB game probabilities and highlighted +EV betting opportunities for you. Fewer hours spent on analysis, smarter bets placed, and greater profits earned.

You can accomplish all this by taking just three simple steps towards unlocking your full baseball betting potential and boosting your earnings.


Addressing these mistakes is crucial as they prevent you from making informed bets and achieving success in your MLB betting endeavors.

Overcoming these pitfalls can pave the way for smarter wagering and increased profits.

Concerned that you’re not proficient with spreadsheets and statistics?

Here’s a surprising truth:

Almost every MLB bettor I meet faces the same challenge:

“I’m not a statistics or computer guy. I won’t have time to learn and perform MLB analysis.”

Here’s the fun fact… if you don’t use an MLB betting model or a well-defined betting software that can analyze 2430+ games in one season (the number of games in a regular MLB season), there’s no way you can properly analyze all these games for profit. And profit is the goal, I believe.

An MLB betting model spreadsheet is the exact tool that will save you time. Successful sports betting nowadays requires proper statistical analysis. Most bettors who encounter this obstacle have only three choices:

  1. They can hire someone to build a predictive model, which is extremely expensive.
  2. The second option is to rely on luck and guess winners, which won’t work (flip coin bets are eaten by the vig).
  3. The third and worst option is to spend a significant amount of money monthly on sports picks from people who may not use any predictive tools and might understand statistics even less than they do.

Unfortunately, many of these bettors lose a considerable amount of money and never profit from sports betting. Some are stuck in the same cycle for years.

But what if I told you there’s another way—a better way?

You don’t need to be a data or computer geek. All you need is a PC/laptop and some motivation to perform your own analysis. I’ve

prepared a baseball betting spreadsheet for you to use right away, or even tweak later if you’d like.

Baseball betting changed my life, and profits from my MLB betting model in the last 15 years allowed me to escape the 9-5 grind. You’ll get my MLB betting model to quickly analyze games, and you’ll have it for a lifetime.

When it comes to constantly losing and being stuck for years, the problem isn’t about being a computer guy or data geek; instead, the issue lies in:

Commitment to change and recognizing what is essential to succeed in sports betting—finding value bets through numbers and analysis.

With just a bit of determination and the right tool, you can transform your MLB betting experience and make more informed, profitable bets.

That’s where my MLB betting model comes in

I know that building a baseball betting model is complex and time-consuming for many people, and many remain stuck for years.

However, once you have a proven betting model, you can achieve 5x, 10x, or even 100x more profits in the next year, and this trend continues year after year.

That’s why I’ve created a data-driven baseball betting strategy, with the core being an MLB betting model in Google Sheets. Not only does it provide MLB game probabilities, but it also recommends how many units to bet on a single MLB game.

We all know the key to successful betting is wagering on bets where your projected probability is higher than the bookmakers’ implied probability.

A good MLB bet example is LA Dodgers -120 when your model projects Dodgers at -150. In this case, you get more value than expected.

Without a well-defined betting model, it’s just guessing.

My MLB betting model will help you quickly convert statistics and relevant game information into probabilities and identify +EV bets.

Not only will you have an efficient way to analyze games, but you’ll also make smarter MLB bets than most people – without spending precious time building a model from scratch or watching countless games, relying on intuition.

This model will also save lots of money for those who constantly pay for MLB picks, because with this tool, you’ll have your own “betting software” capable of analyzing games.


A harsh truth that sports handicappers are reluctant to admit…

A love for baseball and watching games won’t make you a profitable baseball bettor.

Let’s face it, baseball is a game of numbers, and if you can’t explain your MLB bet selections through math and probabilities, you’re just guessing, and any success is pure luck.

Sports betting is about assessing the price. It’s not just about the teams, but whether the odds are worth it.

To know if the odds are good or bad, you need to understand the numbers. Numbers speak the language of sports betting.

If you don’t know what you’re paying for, you’re wasting money.

That’s why my mission is to help baseball bettors like you simplify the process, so you can confidently make smarter bets on your own.

With my MLB baseball betting model…

you can calculate probabilities for full games and first-half games, the model computes moneylines and odds, and even provides projected score predictions.

This is the exact same MLB model spreadsheet I use for my own betting.

Finally, You’ll…

  • Make smarter MLB bets than ever before

    No more relying on gut feelings, sports news, and public info like 99% of amateur bettors worldwide

  • Own a well-defined betting spreadsheet

    With this user-friendly spreadsheet, you’ll make better betting decisions and analyze your performance more effectively, knowing precisely what you’re doing

  • Stop paying for MLB picks

    Save money by having your own betting model for life that you can use, tweak, or improve as needed

  • Calculate your odds even before bookmakers release them

    Avoid poor betting decisions or following other handicappers on social media; instead, analyze and get the odds before bookmakers

  • Save time and make smarter bets

    My MLB betting model automatically gathers the latest baseball stats and numbers for you from the web. Simply check the lineups daily, add teams, pitchers, and your bookmakers’ odds. Complete your analysis in just 15 minutes, a task that would take an entire day manually

  • Bet with a proven system based on actual numbers

    The baseball betting model has beaten the closing line in over 70% of games for the past few years since I started tracking CLV

Why Should You Trust Me and My MLB Betting Strategy?

With over two decades of experience in sports betting, I’ve honed my expertise in using spreadsheets and predictive models while studying Water Science and Environmental Engineering.

My simple sports betting models have led to thousands of profitable bets, and I continually adapt my strategy to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of sports betting.

Now, I’m doing something unprecedented — sharing the successful formula that has served me well for so many years.

I’ve witnessed bettors repeatedly making poor choices, and it pains me to see people lose thousands on useless picks. My goal is to help people enjoy MLB betting again and experience profits.

Through my programs, I’ve assisted bettors in generating six-figure profits using my spreadsheets and models.

Moreover, I’m passionate about understanding the psychology of people and helping them become better, smarter, and more intelligent sports bettors (and individuals).

The world of sports betting has evolved, and simply watching games on TV or having a passion for the sport is no longer sufficient. The sports betting market is becoming increasingly complex.

I constantly seek necessary changes and improvements to maintain profitability and comprehend how to achieve them.

Ultimately, I possess a deep understanding of sports betting and the challenges bettors face, and I’m eager to share my baseball betting strategy and experience with you.


“Ok, I’m Ready — How Does This Work?”

  1. Buy Baseball Betting Strategy with MLB Betting Model Here
  2. Download Spreadsheet
  3. Watch a short video with instructions
  4. With couple of clicks analyse more than 2430 games and calculate your probabilities and odds (both US and decimal)
  5. Compare with bookmakers lines and bet on +EV
  6. And don’t forget…Enjoy betting

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Baseball Betting Strategy Work?

My baseball betting strategy is centered around my MLB betting model. The aim is to compare one team’s offense with the opposing team’s defense, which consists of the starting pitcher and bullpen.

I analyze every game throughout the baseball season using my baseball betting model, enabling me to project winning percentages independent of the odds provided by bookmakers. Most of the data I use is automatically collected from the internet.

The model is easy to use once it’s set up. Before the new season starts, I update stats and some links for data to be automatically pulled from the internet. I then check daily lineups and adjust players if necessary. I also monitor trades and injuries during the season and modify lineups accordingly.

With a game almost every day during the MLB season, I project odds for each game in the morning. Now, all I need to do is update my prepared spreadsheet with the correct information in just a few clicks:

-Team names
-Bookmaker odds
-Pitchers and their pitching hand (L/R)

Once I provide the model with this information, it calculates the probabilities. My betting projections are based on the team’s winning percentage and my projected odds, which are then automatically compared with the bookmaker’s odds. A significant discrepancy between these odds and the bookmaker’s odds indicates a good bet.

Is This Like an MLB Picks or Handicapping Service?

No. I’m offering my strategy to help bettors become actual bettors, not just followers, and to help them stop relying on old, expensive methods that don’t work. By providing you with a baseball betting spreadsheet, you can conduct your own analysis and make your own MLB predictions based on the available bookmaker odds, location, and time that suit you best. My MLB betting model comes as a Google Sheet that you can download and edit yourself, allowing you to make your own picks and bets without spending all day on social media searching for picks. I want you to experience the same success I have helped hundreds of people around the world achieve.

I’ve bought MLB picks before. How is this different?

This is an excellent question! The truth is, most sports picks don’t offer long-term benefits. Sports betting is a competition against others and, ultimately, a single-player game. The focus should be on becoming a successful bettor, not just selecting what to bet on. Successful MLB bettors find the best odds for themselves, and they typically don’t sell picks. Following picks will always leave you a step behind. Since picks often don’t work, I decided to help people transform into successful bettors by providing them with tools they can use for themselves, instead of just giving them picks, which never truly help. I’ve built many simplistic, easy-to-use, yet highly effective sports betting models that can identify +EV bets. Because of these spreadsheets and models, my life changed – I escaped the 9-5 grind and have since helped others achieve success in sports betting too.

What Does the Model Include?

In my lineup-based MLB betting model, I use individual statistics for each player to estimate their performance. The model includes many helpful statistics and data to get you started for success:

Projected decimal odds and US odds
Full-game and 1st half betting projections
Projected winning probabilities for both MLB teams in a single matchup
Projected total runs scored in games
Estimated value based on adjusted Kelly criterion
Individual players’ statistics
Bullpen statistics
Pitchers’ statistics
Advanced statistics, that take into account factors like ballpark effects

How much time do I need to complete a full MLB day game analysis?

For 15 games, I can complete a full analysis, where I get all projected probabilities and the odds in 15 minutes. Anyone should be able to do it in a maximum of 30 minutes. Once you get familiar with the model and you become faster, it’s easy to complete the analysis. This is as fast as possible. Such comprehensive analysis would take a whole day, but the model can do it in 15 minutes.

Do I need to pay for extra service for the data?

No, as of now and up to 2023, you don’t need to pay. All data up to 2023 are completely free!

Will I Need to Learn Any Complicated Math Equations to Use This Method?

Definitely not. My betting model and betting strategy is so easy to understand that even beginners are using it. It is created in Google Sheets, which is a very accessible.

I’ve still got some questions…

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me (mb@underdogchance.com), and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

If You’re Prepared to Elevate Your Betting Experience…

Now is the perfect moment to obtain the model and optimize your profits:

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