My Exclusive Baseball Betting Strategy

Stop paying for picks and trusting handicappers. Use a proven system for MLB betting and start seeing success.

Become Winning Sports Bettor – Bet With Numbers, not Gut Feelings


Bet With Real Numbers — Not Just Gut Feelings

Have you ever wondered how the pros consistently make money with baseball betting? The key to success isn’t just “good luck,” it’s a winning strategy.

In all honesty, there’s no “secret” to sports betting. If you use the numbers and odds in your favor, you’ll be successful. The problem is that most people don’t know how to do this the right way.

Here’s where I can help. Hello, I’m MB, and I’m here to share my winning MLB betting strategy with you. I’ve created dozens of profitable sports betting models over the past two decades, and I’ve shared this knowledge with hundreds of betting students around the world.

I’ve done the research and work for you to create a spreadsheet with all of the statistics, odds, and formulas you’ll need for MLB betting. Best of all, it’s easy to use — even for beginners! All you have to do is input your own bets with my proven system.

What You Get With My MLB Betting Model Spreadsheet

Easily estimate MLB game odds and find +EV betting opportunities with my strategy. I’ve used this exact same method to win bets during the 2021 World Series and many other games.

Finally, You’ll…

  • Easy to Use Spreadsheet and Instructional Video

    I’ll give you my personal baseball betting strategy and all of the tools you’ll need to make it work for you.

  • Automated Data Pulls Straight From MLB Games

    My system gathers all of the latest baseball stats and numbers for you, automatically from the web.

  • A Proven System Based on Actual Numbers

    Stop relying on other people’s guesses and start winning bets.

  • Make Baseball Betting Fun Again

    Because it’s always more fun when you’re winning, right?

  • Win Thousands of Games

    One purchase can help you win thousands of future MLB betting games.

Don’t Make These 3 Big Sports Betting Mistakes

  1. Emotional betting, or making bets based on gut feelings, is the number one mistake many bettors make. Most people bet on their favorite team without looking at the odds or examining any statistics. A blind bet may work once or twice, but in the long run, it will not end well.
  2. Betting with no numbers. This is similar to the last mistake — bettors will try to predict the winner on their own or trust other services to choose for them, without considering the numbers.
  3. Paying for picks and trusting handicappers. These methods cost bettors thousands, and they really don’t work long-term.

95% of all sports bettors lose in the long run, this is a fact. One of the biggest reasons is their wrong focus. Instead of focusing on how to become winning bettors, they try to follow sports picks … if you do the same you are not going to reach your full potential in terms of profits.

These are the top reasons why 95% of sports bettors lose. Being successful in betting is all about using the numbers to your advantage.

In order to win, advanced mathematics, algorithms, and spreadsheet formulas are needed. Most people don’t have time to do the research required, or it’s too complex.

This is exactly why I am offering my MLB strategy. I’ve had the training, done the research, and seen success — and now I’m sharing it with you.

Are You Ready to Learn More About My MLB Betting Model?

I’ve designed my spreadsheet and betting strategy to be easy for anyone to use. With this spreadsheet, you won’t have to worry about complicated programming languages like Python. You’ll be able to estimate your own odds and winning percentages (full game and 1st 5 innings, plus totals) using my advanced statistics. Thousands of statistics are automatically imported from the internet and turned into projected odds in seconds. This ensures your spreadsheet is always up-to-date with the latest odds, taking into account the current form, different situations (LHP, RHP), players lineups, bullpen, and more. 

Additionally, you can change player lineups, parameters, and weights for different stat periods. For example, you can change the model to give more weight to the current form.

We aim to find value bets by betting on the odds based on our analysis. If our estimated odds and probabilities are higher than the bookmaker’s, we bet on those higher odds. 95% of all bettors never do this.

When you download my spreadsheet, I’ll send you a video to explain exactly how this works.


Sports Betting Masterclass

Are you worried you won’t know what you’re doing? Do not fear! I now offer a sports betting masterclass to help beginners and even bettors who have been in the game for years, but want to learn some new tricks.

Get access to the exclusive Underdogchance Pro Community and share betting models, spreadsheets, betting picks, and achievements with like-minded sports bettors.

My masterclass is much more than just a sports betting class, we really dive in deep and go into topics such as:

  • With so many games, it is inevitable there will be many temptations and tests every single day. Discipline is essential for sticking to your betting strategy.
  • As a streaky sport, baseball can easily result in 10 wins or 10 losses in a row. Playing a long game and betting patiently is more important than winning every single game.
  • Betting on games requires statistical analysis, as you are competing with sharper bettors and bookmakers.
  • It is important to manage your money well because you will still have losing days, no matter how good at betting baseball you are.

I started this class to help more people with my system. I call it “A Journey” into the world of successful betting. I believe sports betting is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to play the long game and focus on the numbers instead of following the most popular picks.

If you’re not ready to invest, it’s ok. I also have a free video course for those who want to learn how to make their own betting spreadsheets in Google Sheets. I’ll show you the ropes, and you’ll even get a free gift at the end of the class. I’m here to help you succeed with baseball betting.


Why Should You Trust My MLB Betting Strategy?

I have over two decades of experience in sports betting. Over the years, I have gained experience using spreadsheets and predictive models as a student of Water Science and Environmental Engineering. With my simple sports betting models, I’ve made thousands of profitable bets. To stay competitive in the fast-paced world of sports betting, I constantly improve my strategy year after year. Sports betting is my area of expertise.

Now I am doing what no other bettor is willing to do — I’m sharing the formula that brought me success for so many years.

I’ve seen bettors make poor bets time and time again, and I hate seeing people lose thousands paying for useless picks. I want to help people enjoy MLB betting again and see profits.

Last year alone, I helped students bring in six figures in additional profits with my spreadsheet.

Note also that my MLB betting model has good closing line value results, which means, that most of the time odds drop before the games start. But with this model, you can catch early odds and beat the line, which is one of the most important indicators of successful betting.


“Ok, I’m Ready — How Does This Work?”

  1. Buy Baseball Betting Strategy with MLB Betting Model Here
  2. Download Spreadsheet
  3. Watch a short video with instructions
  4. Contact us if you are interested in business cooperation (affiliate) and making even more money
  5. Enjoy betting

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Spreadsheet Work?

My baseball betting strategy revolves around my MLB betting model. The goal is to compare a team’s offense with another team’s defense, which is composed of its starting pitcher and bullpen.

It is my habit to analyze every game during baseball season. By using my baseball betting model, I am able to project winning percentages independent of the odds offered by bookmakers. Most of my data comes from the internet and is automatically gathered.

The model is very simple to use once it has been created. In preparation for the new season, I need to update stats and some links, where the data is automatically pulled from the internet. Then I check the lineups, new players, and teams for possible trades.

A game is played almost every day once the MLB season begins. I project the odds for every game in the morning. Now, all I have to do is update my prepared spreadsheet with the correct information:

The team’s names
Bookmakers odds
Pitchers and their pitching hand (L/R)
My betting projections are based on the team’s winning percentage and my projected odds. Then they are automatically compared with the bookmaker’s odds. A big discrepancy between these odds and the bookmaker’s odds indicates a good bet.

What Is The Affiliate Opportunity?

Do you know a lot of baseball bettors or people who would be interested in baseball betting? Maybe you have a website and you want to monetize your audience. Either way, I have an opportunity to help you bring in new revenue streams. It will be my pleasure to share my betting strategy with you, and you will get 50% of any sales you make. Join my affiliate program today to become your own boss and make money on your terms.

What Does the Model Include?

In my lineup-based MLB betting model, I use individual statistics for each player to estimate their performance.

The model includes many helpful statistics and data to get you started for success:

Projected decimal odds and US odds
Full game and 1st half betting projections
Projected winning probabilities for both MLB teams in a single matchup
Projected total runs scored in games
Estimated value based on adjusted kelly criterion
Individual players statistics
Bullpen statistics
Pitchers statistics
Advanced statistics, that take into account factors like ballparks effects

How Much Does Your Strategy Cost?

Unlike other services claiming to help sports bettors, I only charge a one-time fee for lifetime use of my spreadsheet. This means that once you pay the fee, the spreadsheet and strategy are yours for as many bets as you want.

My MLB betting strategy starts at $1,499.90. BUT, I currently have a discount running, so you’ll only have to pay $899.90 for this lifetime deal! This will be one of the best investments you ever make in sports betting.

Why Should You Avoid Betting Trends and Stick to the Numbers?

Many bettors believe that past history factors into the probability of baseball games occurring in the future, but this is called a gambler’s fallacy. Using trends for predicting future games is very dangerous. The analysis of each baseball game must be independent, without looking for simple patterns from the past that are not predictive. Many people do not know this and do not have success with sports betting.

Is This Like a Picks or Handicapping Service?

No. I’m offering my strategy to help bettors stop relying on these old, expensive methods that don’t work, and start working toward their goals. My spreadsheet comes as a Google Sheet that you can download and edit yourself to make your own picks and bets. I also offer my top picks for free on my website. These are picks that are chosen with real statistics and numbers, instead of just gut feelings or guesses. I want you to see the same success I have helped hundreds of people around the world reach.

Will I Need to Learn Any Complicated Math Equations to Use This Method?

Definitely not. My strategy is so easy to understand that even beginners are using it. It is created in Google Sheets, which is a very accessible and user-friendly platform. Unlike programs such as Python, where bettors can create their own betting models, I’ve already done all the work for you here. So, there’s no need for any special math knowledge.

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