With modern sports betting, there are many types of bets that you can place. Moneyline bets, futures, point spreads — the list is endless. And the latest type of bet that’s taking the industry by storm is the “prop bet”, which everyone is talking about on X and all of the other social media platforms. However, there’s a little bit of confusion surrounding prop bets and whether or not they’re as profitable as some people claim they are. To make everything nice and clear for you, this guide has all the important details. 

What is a Prop Bet? 

A prop bet is a type of bet that’s not directly related to the final outcome of a sports game. An example would be if you’re an NBA fan and there was a prop bet available on Lebron James to score over 24 points against the Celtics. In this scenario, you could bet YES/NO. That’s a prop bet.

Are Prop Bets Profitable?

are prop bets profitable

The short answer is yes, prop bets can be profitable. However, you need to focus on placing smart prop bets with favourable odds. Also, try to focus on prop bet zones that you have solid knowledge on, such as three-pointers in the NBA or passing yards in the NFL.

Clever prop bets are just one of the many ways in which you can beat the sportsbook. Another recommendation is that you use the different sports betting tools available online. Head over to bettingtools.co.uk where you can find a range of useful betting tools like calculators, spreadsheets, and guides for that extra support.

Value is Always on the Under for Props 

A top tip for you to remember is that (in most cases) value is always on the under for props. For instance, in the NFL, if your team’s QB is going up against a solid defence with an excellent record, the best strategy is to choose the under. Also, make sure to take into account the weather, as this can sometimes have a huge impact on the play when it’s cold or snowy in outdoor sports. 

What Other Types of Sports Bets Are Worth It? 

If prop bets don’t appeal to you or you find them a little complicated, don’t worry. Moneyline bets are also an excellent option, especially if you’re a beginner to sports betting. With moneyline bets, you can take a look at the odds and pick the favourite team (instead of the underdog) if you want to tip the scales in your favour. However, the only downside to this is that the profits aren’t as big when you bet on the favourite team to win. 

Which Sports Accept Prop Bets

Almost every major sport you can think of accepts pro bets. These sports include: 

🏈 American football 

🏀 Basketball 

⚽ Soccer

🥊 Boxing 

🏒 Hockey 

🏌️ Golf 

Whichever of these sports you like, you can join in the fun and start placing prop bets on them today. Of course, you should only place realistic prop bets and always gamble responsibly so that the fun stays fun.

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