For the upcoming fight, our UFC betting model gives Ailin Perez a 62.13% chance of winning, while Joselyne Edwards stands at 37.87%. With both the ELO and Logistic Regression models in agreement, the smart pick is Perez. Bet wisely and check for the best odds!


The upcoming UFC bout between Ailin Perez and Joselyne Edwards is generating significant buzz among MMA enthusiasts and bettors alike. In this article, we’ll provide an expert AILIN PEREZ vs JOSELYNE EDWARDS UFC prediction, analyzing their stats and betting odds. This prediction is crafted by Eric, a member of the Underdog Chance Sports Betting Masterclass, using his advanced UFC betting model.

Game Info & Sportsbook Odds

Before diving into the stats and predictions, let’s take a look at the current sportsbook odds for this fight:

  • Ailin Perez: 1.50 (Decimal) / -200 (US)
  • Joselyne Edwards: 2.82 (Decimal) / 182 (US)

Note that odds can change, so always shop for the best UFC odds across different sportsbooks.

Fighter Stats Comparison

To make an informed AILIN PEREZ vs JOSELYNE EDWARDS UFC fight prediction, we need to compare their stats comprehensively:

Striking Stats

  • Significant Strikes Landed per Minute:
  • Ailin Perez: 2.96
  • Joselyne Edwards: 4.71
  • Striking Accuracy:
  • Ailin Perez: 55%
  • Joselyne Edwards: 52%
  • Significant Strikes Absorbed per Minute:
  • Ailin Perez: 1.18
  • Joselyne Edwards: 3.36
  • Striking Defense:
  • Ailin Perez: 57%
  • Joselyne Edwards: 50%

Grappling Stats

  • Takedown Average per 15 Minutes:
  • Ailin Perez: 4.89
  • Joselyne Edwards: 0.5
  • Takedown Accuracy:
  • Ailin Perez: 50%
  • Joselyne Edwards: 33%
  • Takedown Defense:
  • Ailin Perez: 75%
  • Joselyne Edwards: 64%
  • Submission Average per 15 Minutes:
  • Ailin Perez: 0
  • Joselyne Edwards: 0.3

ELO Rating

  • Ailin Perez: 1518.39
  • Joselyne Edwards: 1506.20

UFC Betting Model Prediction

Eric’s UFC betting model, which includes both ELO and Logistic Regression models, provides the following probabilities:

  • ELO UFC Betting Model Probability:
  • Ailin Perez: 51.75%
  • Joselyne Edwards: 48.25%
  • Logistic Regression UFC Betting Model Probability:
  • Ailin Perez: 62.13%
  • Joselyne Edwards: 37.87%

The power of Eric’s UFC betting model from Underdog Chance lies in the agreement between the ELO model and the Logistic Regression model, especially when the odds are between 1.50 and 3.0 (-200 and +200 in US odds).

Recommended UFC Fight Pick

Based on Eric’s UFC Fight Predictions Betting Model Analysis, the recommended pick for this fight is:

  • AILIN PEREZ to win


Utilize this AILIN PEREZ vs JOSELYNE EDWARDS UFC prediction as a helpful guide, but remember never to follow anyone’s sports picks blindly. For final and accurate UFC picks, learn to use statistics in betting and stay updated with the latest MMA news. Always shop for the best UFC betting odds and take advantage of bonuses and promotions if you bet on UFC. If you want to learn how to bet like a pro and build your own betting model, check out our sports betting courses.

By following a structured, analytical approach to sports betting, you can improve your chances of becoming a long-term winner. Good luck, and enjoy the fight!

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